If you are in Singapore running a web-based business, then you must have already seen how difficult it is to rank for a given keyword. In fact, the competition is so severe that hundreds of businesses try to rank for one keyword, which makes it extremely difficult for newbies to get any success. In case you don’t want to get caught in such a situation where you don’t know how to move forward, then here are a few important SEO tips Singapore you should not miss out.

The first and foremost important tip is to build a website that is beautiful, lightweight and has an SSL certificate installed on it. The more beautiful your website is, the longer any user will stay on it after coming across it for the first time. It’s a great ranking factor. Once you have sorted the structure and design of your website, the next important step is to write content that is of high quality. There is no alternative to high-quality content, so work on it on a daily basis. The last tip is to keep working on building high-quality links naturally.