Are you thinking to roll your user management system? This is not easy as you may not get that you expect and on getting it wrong it may be a disaster to your application. It is slowly found that the users are getting sensitive to security and privacy concerns and this is the reason that the consumer loyalty is falling down. The reason is because it relates to their personal information that is identifiable and the risks are due to user management system failure.

What is User Management?

Customers facing applications need basic features as a set to facilitate authentication or access. These features include session management, account creation and reset of password. With authentication, there is a need to define and implement the varying levels in user control. The user management has the capability to describe the ecosystem identity entirely, right from authentication and authorization to security and storage of user data, besides there are advanced features such as unified identity, single sign on, social login and connection to active directory.

Thus, it is right to consider rolling the user management services and to explore the common mistakes while planning a critical aspect in your application.

Why use it?

The user management offers easy authentication and access control. There is a need to authorize different resources when log in or there may be a need for the application to support multi-tenancy. Thus, creating a sound and sophisticated scheme of authorization is essential.

Failing to use the user management can be disastrous and you may lose your users as they may reach your competitors. In case your customers fly due to security breach, you may incur huge costs in recompense and fines. Today the mobile and web users need to identify features so that they peak their usage so that they log in only if they need.