The accuracy, engineering, advanced technology, materials and construction, that goes into manufacturing of every vehicle, contribute to an expanding fleet of used Mercedes cars all across the world. When buying a pre-owned Mercedes Benz vehicle, it is important to gain adequate information about it. We have compiled a list of questions that people generally have with respect to buying a certified pre-owned Mercedes Benz vehicle.

What is a certified pre-owned Mercedes Benz car?

A certified and used Mercedes Benz car offers much more benefits than just a “used” car. It is a vehicle that has been previously owned and built by the most reputed company “Mercedes” that is known for its engineering achievements, racing heritage, commitment to delivering quality, luxury, safety and reliability.

This car goes through rigorous checks, examination and road tests after being labeled as certified. It characterizes all the attributes that may you expect from a Mercedes-Benz car that includes exceptional service.

What are the benefits that one can get by owning it?

A certified and pre-owned Mercedes Benz vehicle is a great value that provides the advantages of affordable ownership, attractive pricing, a dedicated source of financing, and a history of strong resale values that all Mercedes-Benz users enjoy.

As each and every vehicle goes through accurate dealer certification and inspection process, it ensures that it fulfills the requirements and goes beyond expectations. This ensures users of brilliant performance, unmatched safety and durability of the vehicle at all times.

A thorough title and service history check gives a peace and legal assurance that you are investing in the right vehicle. The confidence of the company in their vehicles shows up when they encourage their users in taking an ultimate examination i.e., “a test drive”.

Features of a Certified and pre-owned Mercedes Benz vehicle

  • Limited factory backed warranty for up to 1 lakh vehicle miles
  • Strict 162-point examination of vehicle
  • Elaborate CARFAX vehicle record
  • Complimentary twenty-four hours assistance on road
  • 500 miles or 7-day Exchange Program facility
  • Complimentary loaner vehicle at the time of service
  • No, wait service guarantee
  • Complimentary vehicle washes
  • Drop off and pick up within ten minutes
  • Assured peace of mind and satisfaction
  • Certified Pre-Owned


When you are clear about what you are investing in, gives you peace of mind, long term comfort and an assurance of making the right investment decision. For assured quality, heightened safety and best quality customer assistance, it is important to choose specialized Mercedes car dealer for buying your vehicle.