As your tiny garage or basement based business is now being operated at the pinnacle, you are being enforced to roll in with the customers by attending to their queries on phone calls and what not. While you have other business tasks to attend, your phone won’t stop ringing. You become frustrated, but at the same time, you want to deliver the best customer service in the business. As this continues over time, you realize that since you aren’t able to dedicate your time to other business aspects, your company isn’t operable to its full potential. At such busy times, it is best to hire an Office HQ virtual receptionist service provider.

Signs You Need To Delegate Your Phone Duties

Yes, customer service is vital for the growth of the company, but it is not the only aspect you should focus on. You should learn to delegate the tasks of the phone calls by hiring an answering service or a virtual receptionist. If you stretch yourself too thin by focusing on customer service, it is detrimental to the health of your sign. Read on for the signs that prove you need to delegate your phone duties.

  1. Inconsistent income due to dips in lead capture.

When you are glued to the phone, you do not have time to focus on your sales. This means that you are bringing in potential customers, but you aren’t really earning any money. You can generate as many leads you want to, but if they do not become a long-term customer, you are just wasting your time and resources. So, delegate your phone duties to the answering service and let it introduce your customers to the basics, and then when the customer is ready, focus on the sales aspect. You will be able to earn more consistent income as you will have a consistent business.

  1. Slipping KPIs.

While tracking your KPIs or Key Performance Indicators, you may observe things like repeat customer purchases, sales dollars per customer and similar KPIs are slipping. This is one of the biggest red signals for you to take some action on your phone calls. They are interfering with your main jobs like sales and customer experience. When customers feel like you are not interested in them, they are not going to invest in you, and your KPIs will be the proof. You need to hire an answering service immediately and set up a plan that is comfortable for you as well as your business.