It goes without saying that packaging can influence decisions. There are people who buy a product, simply because they liked what they saw. Of course, as a small business owner, you may not have the resources required to spend on expensive packaging, but often, it is all about ideas. If you look at branded packaging, you will realize that companies have spent considerable amount of money on creating a design, and more than that, there is a thought process involved. In this post, we are discussing further on how small businesses can improve their packaging game in a budget.

Pop up

One of the best ideas for effective product packaging is to use pop up colors. Of course, we are not talking of excessive printing, but a color that’s catchy and resonates with the branding properties. You want the product box to have an appeal of its own, and you will be surprised to know how that one change can influence buyers.

Make it personal

Many brands are now using customized packaging cards inside the package box. This could be a handwritten note or something as simple as writing the name of the buyer. You want to add that small element of customization, so that customers feel the difference of choosing your brand over others in the same niche.

Offer a reusable box

Believe it or not, reusable boxes are pretty much in trend, and the idea can work for a lot of products. If yours is a company that deals in cosmetics or anything related to aesthetic beauty and appeal, reusable boxes can actually help in pushing sales, because customers will see the box as a product addition. Yes, it does add to the cost, but that price is worth paying.

Go for stickers

Don’t have the money to spend on customized boxes? Find a company that deals in varied kind of packaging materials and order a generic size that will work for the concerned product. To make the box appear more professional, you can place stickers strategically to add necessary information and branding material.

More than anything else, select a company that specializes in branded packaging and can offer product boxes that define your brand. Place a small order to test a service better, and don’t shy away from seeking details of their clientele or the range of boxes they manufacture on a regular basis. Take the right steps and take your small business to the next level in packaging.