Payeur trailers, known in the French as remorque Payeur are the tools specifically designed to help individual workers and companies finish their jobs more quickly and with more precision, equalling in more profit being made. These tools are being used frequently in many different areas, but their biggest use is with wood transportation and transposition. There are many available Payeur trailers, of which we have selected a few to describe their specifications and benefits in everyday use.

So, maybe after this article you will have a clearer picture about which trailer to get for your company or yourself.


This practical, multifunctional tool is used both as a log loader and a trailer. Extremely useful, CH90 VTT is used mostly by individuals and smaller companies for its small construction and its multiple benefits in spite of being smaller. Coming with the tool is an adjustable hydraulic tandem pump used to provide the trailer/log loader with more power. It is also ran by a Honda 5.5 hp engine, known for its great power and low noises and vibrations while working, all without sacrificing any of the power.

Horse-Drawn Log Loaders and Trailers

These strong and durable log loaders and trailers are known for their heavy construction and the steel of the highest quality. Strength is really the word that is used to best describe this product, with the features like steel hydraulic links and heavier lifting capacity, this tool just exudes strength and power. Even with its powerful characteristics, it is rather easy to operate with a horse-drawn log loader or a trailer, and you can do so much more with it. This raw power is what makes this product really desirable among customers.

Wheeler Junior

A quality product well-known among its users and the customers of Payeur trailers, this tool is guaranteed to make the work easier for everyone who gives it a try. You will find work much easier to do with the reliable Wheeler Junior, as it is both a log loader and a trailer, ran on wheels. It is extremely time saving and productive, and highly recommended between customers.

Wheeler Senior

Almost exactly as same as Wheeler Junior, the Senior comes with some changes in its size and loading capacity, and it also an option more when it comes to the engine. This is a great choice for everyone whose work is more comprehensive, like companies for instance.

These are just some of the most popular and customer recommended Payeur trailers. We hope that you found the information you needed about them by the end of this article.