Events such as congresses, conferences, tradeshows, seminars, and others are part of a booming industry. As organisations host more events, it is becoming more important to employ effective strategies to control the possible crowd that will attend these events. No matter the size of the event, controlling the crowd is important to maintain order at the event.

Whether you prefer to host your event at a salle congres en montérégie or at a nearby conference centre, crowd management and control must be one of your priorities.  Crowd management involves facilitating, employing, and moving the crowd while crowd control includes taking steps when the crowd has started to behave in a dangerous way. Running your event at a great hotel will reduce the stress involved in managing and control the crowd as the hotel themselves have their own dependable personnel. But, wherever you prefer to run your event, the following crowd management practices should work:

Having Enough Number of Staff

It is important to determine the optimal staff-to-participant ratio. Although there is no particular figure, try to assign one staff for every ten attendees. Also, make sure every staff is well-versed in the venue’s layout. They must stay in contact through their devices so they can come in a minute’s notice in case somebody needs assistance.

Hiring Third-Party Security

You may not have people to do perform security and safety duties. Your staff may lack training and one misstep can lead to a complaint or even a lawsuit. Event venues usually have their own security and safety personnel so make sure you ask about this. Third-party security teams are trained to handle certain situations and perform duties like using metal detectors for contraband, contacting law enforcement, and confronting unruly attendees.

Using Barricades

As people branch off and form a number of lines, queues can become disorderly. Make sure you use stanchions or cones for areas that require waiting in line such as the registration areas. Also, think about using temporary fencing or barricades to create an event perimeter from the rest of the public space. Barricades are particularly important when holding your event outdoors.

Evaluating the Risks

Risk assessment should always be part of any event planning since undesirable things can occur. Take a review of all potential situations in which terrible things can happen and plan for it. Also, identity venue exit and instruct your staff to keep these areas unobstructed.